Keeping Track of Commercial Activity and Customer Interactions

With more than $680 million in leased assets, TrueAero is a leading provider of aircraft and engine leasing, aircraft consignment and part-out services. Like any other lessor, TrueAero recognizes the importance of having standardized processes around remarketing their assets, in addition to being able to track commercial conversations and action items related to airline customers.

The Need

In an effort to continuously improve and maximize its portfolio value, TrueAero sought a one-stop solution for tracking communication, evaluate commercial options in the market, manage deals and access customer information to make the right decisions around the purchase, lease, sale and sale leaseback of its assets.

TrueAero realized that a more efficient centralized system to manage transactions and related KPIs was necessary to support continued growth. TrueAero created a deal flow process that mapped out specific stages of a deal to trigger action items and follow-up tasks for the relevant teams as well as expand on the breadth and depth of customer relationships, enhanced visibility into performance, effectiveness and information sharing.

Our mission at TrueAero Asset Management is to be a reliable and value-add partner for operators and investors. LeaseWorks has substantially improved visibility into core elements of our strategy related to deal management and customer relationship building.

Stratton Borchers, President, TrueAero

TrueAero Fact File:

  • $680 million in managed assets
  • 51 aircraft, 28 engines
  • 175 teardowns
  • 868 customers in 75 countries
  • 70 employees

LeaseWorks CRM:

  • Account management
  • Deal management
  • Industry insights
  • Portfolio availability
  • Seamless collaboration

The Solution

TrueAero leveraged the Aeris MATCH Deal Management functions to enable their leasing and trading teams to:

  • Centralize all deal-related information, including status, bids, customer meeting history, documentation, market intelligence and commercial terms
  • Review the history of any deal and track revisions of rent offers and other pricing negotiations, providing full visibility in deals pursued with any airline and giving management the ability to analyze the probability of future success
  • Utilize the mobile app to access the history of conversations with an airline and use voice-to-text to enter meeting notes into the system
  • Use analytics to drive real-time decisions and deal approvals
  • Customize dashboards to evaluate KPIs related to assets, operators, Marketing Executives, regions or any other metric
  • With the robust capabilities of Aeris MATCH and LeaseWorks dedicated team of professionals, TrueAero has successfully boosted productivity and efficiency, reduced risk and costs and optimized revenue.

“We are constantly striving to build best in class software products for the aviation industry that are easy to use, extremely responsive and available on any device, so that our customers can spend less time chasing information and more time making critical decisions.”

Haseem Vazhayil, CEO, LeaseWorks

About TrueAero Aviation

TrueAero is a global aviation investment platform offering investors, lessors and operators a suite of solutions across capital deployment, asset management, technical services and material consignment. Our corporate headquarters is located in Sebastian, Florida, with Sales, Marketing and Finance hubs across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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About LeaseWorks

LeaseWorks provides cloud-based software tools that help customers save costs, reduce risk and optimize revenue. LeaseWorks is dedicated to helping lessors and airlines make critical decisions about their assets, with real-time information from any device.

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