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Our strategic partnership with Cirium, a global leader in providing vital aviation data and analytics, allows us to leverage Cirium’s extensive airline fleet data, aircraft valuations, travel analytics, flight information and airline schedules. Through this collaboration we enhance our ability to offer innovative solutions to the aviation leasing industry. This empowers us to assist our clients in making informed decisions and preparing for the evolving landscape of air travel, ensuring a more efficient and successful future.



Our collaboration with Aviator aims to enhance our suite of solutions by integrating Aviator’s extensive aviation data and insights into our News Feed feature. By leveraging Aviator’s expertise, we provide our customers with even more comprehensive information, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize their aircraft leasing and management processes.


Core Financial

This collaboration delivers an integrated accounting experience for lessors’ finance and accounting teams, enabling them to generate financial transactions in LeaseWorks and seamlessly export these transactions to Core – resulting in a more agile and aligned organization that is better equipped to respond to the changing financial needs of an aircraft leasing platform. 



Our partnership with the Centre for Aviation (CAPA) reinforces our commitment to providing exceptional solutions to our clients. By integrating CAPA’s authoritative aviation insights and data into our News Feed feature, we further empower our customers to access critical and time-sensitive information. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions that drive success within the aviation sector.


CH Aviation

Our partnership with CH-Aviation strengthens our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions to our clients. By integrating CH-Aviation’s valuable aviation data and insights into our offerings, we enhance our customers’ ability to make informed decisions and streamline their aircraft leasing and management processes. This partnership reflects our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that empower the aviation industry.



LeaseWorks is an ISV Partner of Salesforce. This translates into multiple benefits for our end customers. Notably the reliability, security, scalability and speed of our applications that are hosted on the global infrastructure managed by Salesforce. In addition to this, the broad ecosystem of plug-ins and adapters bring multiple out-of-the-box integrations into play which helps our customers connect to multiple applications and tools to run their business.



Prodigy provides tailored solutions for the unique needs of the aviation industry. Their expertise in both aviation and the Salesforce platform makes them a great partner for LeaseWorks, especially during system startup and onboarding of larger lessors who don’t want to skip a beat as they migrate complex systems and large amounts of data.



Xebia is a technology partner. We leverage their experience in AI and digital transformation to infuse our solutions with cutting-edge technology and game-changing functionality. Xebia’s mantra of quality without compromise closely aligns with the LeaseWorks commitment to deliver truly transformative solutions.