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At LeaseWorks, we offer a comprehensive range of advisory services, partnering with you to ensure the successful implementation, optimization and continuous improvement of our cutting-edge software solutions.

A Range Of Expertise To Ensure Your Success:

Strategic Planning and Process Optimization

  • Evaluate your current processes and business goals
  • Recommend tailored solutions to align with your strategic objectives
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement
  • Implement change management strategies for smooth transitions

Implementation and Integration Assistance

  • Expert guidance for seamless software integration
  • Data mapping, transformation and loading support


Data Security and Compliance

  • Assess data security measures and compliance requirements
  • Implement best practices to safeguard sensitive information

Leveraging AI

  • Approach based on trust and security above to protect customer data
  • Search and summarize public info information into critical, timely actionable insights
  • Mine internal data sets to suggest next best actions

Product Suite Designed for the C-Suite

Chief Financial Officer

CFOs in the aircraft leasing industry encounter complex financial scenarios, requiring precise forecasting, risk mitigation, and operational efficiency. They are focused on:

  • Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating financial risks associated with leasing portfolios
  • Financial Modeling: Accurately forecasting revenue, cash flow and profitability
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining financial operations for optimal cost management

With Aeris Accounting, Aeris Loan Manager and Aeris MATCH, finance executives can confidently navigate the complexities of aircraft leasing and ensure the financial success of their organization.

  • Centralized Dashboards: Instantaneous access to financial data and automated reporting for informed decision-making
  • Advanced Risk Analysis: Real-time insights into portfolio risk exposure and performance trends
  • Comprehensive Financial Modeling: Forecasting tools to predict revenue, expenses, and profitability
  • Integrated Cost Management: Tools for optimizing operational costs and enhancing financial efficiency

Chief Marketing Officer

CMOs in the aviation leasing industry face challenges in understanding customer needs, optimizing marketing strategies, and enhancing brand visibility to stay competitive. They are focused on:

  • Customer Insights: Obtaining comprehensive insights into customer preferences and behaviors
  • Marketing Efficiency: Optimizing marketing efforts to generate higher returns on investment
  • Sales Alignment: Ensuring effective communication and alignment between marketing and sales teams for smooth lead handoff

With Aeris MATCH, CMOs can harness powerful tools to understand customer needs, optimize marketing efforts, and ensure a strong brand presence in the aircraft leasing industry.

  • 360-Degree Customer View: Access comprehensive customer profiles for personalized marketing strategies
  • Integration with third-party databases: Data for fleet information, news articles, financials and contacts
  • Data Insights: Review existing lessor concentration and competitive activities in accounts
  • Centralized Dashboards: Facilitate deal reviews, activity levels and team performance

Chief Operations Officer

COOs in the aviation leasing industry deal with challenges related to operational complexity, resource management, and performance optimization. They are focused on:

  • Streamlining processes: Driving efficiencies from optimizing processes
  • Quicker decision making: Gaining real-time insights into operational data for important strategic decisions
  • Efficient Resource allocation: Disciplined resource allocation by tracking and managing assets, staff, and equipment more effectively

With Aeris ASSET, Aeris Utilization Tracker, Aeris TECH PROJECTS, COOs can navigate operational challenges with confidence, optimize resource utilization, and lead their teams to deliver efficient and effective performance in the aviation leasing industry.

  • Process Automation: Streamline complex operational processes with automation, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy
  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration across departments with a centralized platform, improving communication and alignment
  • Utilization Tracking: Monitor key performance metrics and trends to identify areas for improvement and drive operational excellence
  • Risk Mitigation: Implement proactive risk management strategies by tracking potential operational risks and taking preventive actions

Chief Information Officer

The role of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in the aviation leasing industry is pivotal. CIOs are responsible for overseeing the organization’s IT infrastructure, data management, and technology strategy. They face challenges in managing complex IT ecosystems while supporting the company’s digital transformation and operational efficiency. 

  • Complex IT Ecosystem: Managing a complex IT infrastructure with multiple software solutions and data sources
  • Data Security Concerns: Ensuring the security of sensitive information and compliance with data protection regulations
  • Integration Issues: Dealing with difficulties in integrating various systems and ensuring seamless data flow across the organization

Our Salesforce-based Aeris ASSET and Aeris MATCH modules simplify IT management, strengthen data security, enable seamless integration, and offer tailored solutions to meet aviation industry needs.

  • Simplified IT Management: Our Salesforce-based module offers a unified platform for streamlined IT management, reducing complexity
  • Robust Data Security: With advanced security features, we protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations
  • Seamless Integration: Our module seamlessly integrates with existing systems, enhancing operational efficiency
  • Customized IT Solutions: Tailored to specific aviation needs, our module provides CIOs with customized IT strategies for better asset management and streamlined operations

Chief Technical Officer

CTOs in the aviation leasing are responsible for ensuring the efficient operation of aircraft assets while driving technological advancements to maintain fleet excellence. They are focused on:

  • Aging Aircraft Management: Managing and maintaining aging aircraft in the fleet poses technical and financial challenges
  • Technical Expertise: Ensuring a skilled technical team with the expertise to handle complex maintenance procedures
  • Data Management: Effectively managing vast amounts of aircraft data and technical documentation

With Aeris ASSET and Aeris TECH PROJECTS, CTOs can better navigate and overcome multiple challenges while ensuring the optimal performance of aircraft assets.

  • Advanced Maintenance Technologies: Implementing cutting-edge technologies for predictive maintenance and real-time monitoring
  • Technical Training: Providing continuous training to the technical team to keep up with industry advancements
  • Digital Documentation: Utilizing digital platforms for efficient data management and documentation

Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

CIOs in the aviation leasing industry make strategic financial decisions regarding aircraft assets requiring effective solutions to optimize investments and drive financial growth. They are focused on:

  • Asset Valuation: Accurately valuating aircraft assets in a dynamic market
  • Risk Management: Mitigating financial risks associated with aircraft leasing
  • Market Volatility: Navigating the ever-changing aviation market and its impact on investments

With Aeris Investor Relations, Aeris Accounting and Aeris MATCH, CIOs can make informed investment decisions that drive financial success by adopting advanced valuation methods, effective risk management strategies, and harnessing data-driven insights.

  • Advanced Valuation Models: Implementing advanced models for precise asset valuation
  • Risk Assessment Tools: Utilizing risk assessment tools and strategies to manage financial risks
  • Centralized Dashboards: Leveraging data analytics for market trend analysis and informed investment decisions

Board Chair

Board Chairs in the aviation leasing industry are instrumental in providing strategic leadership and governance. Board Chairs are focused on:

  • Strategic Decision-Making: Guiding the board and company executives in making informed and strategic decisions
  • Market Competition: Navigating intense competition and market dynamics
  • Risk Oversight: Ensuring effective risk management and compliance

With the LeaseWorks product portfolio, Board Chairs can leverage essential tools for strategic planning, market analysis, and governance to lead with confidence and drive the company’s growth.

  • Strategic Planning: Implementing robust strategic planning processes
  • Market Analysis: Conducting thorough market analysis to identify opportunities
  • Governance Framework: Enhancing governance frameworks for better oversight