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“Data visualization is a great way to simplify data and show it in a form that is understandable, insightful and actionable. Data visualization is being increasingly seen as the vital final step of any successful data-driven analytics plan.” – Caroline Lee

Data visualization provides a visual representation of data (e.g. graphs, charts, maps) to make it easier to identify new opportunities, detect patterns and highlight risks. This rapid transition from seeing to understanding is what makes visualizations valuable.

For many organizations, ‘data visualization’ means collecting every bit of information available then figuring out how to use it. It’s a costly challenge – once you’ve invested heavily in gathering the data, how do you extract the value it contains? Many visualizations tell people what they should see in data resulting in confirmation bias and a loss of objectivity. Common problems include using the wrong visualization method, oversimplifying data, omitting baselines, cluttered visuals, overuse of colors and the use of persuasive text.

The key is to get the data into a format that everyone can explore and understand. At LeaseWorks, we know how to successfully and accurately blend your data and visualizations together to tell a captivating story. We specialize in transforming data, developing effective reports and visualizations, optimizing performance and maximizing your return on investment.