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Enhancements to Company’s Industry-Leading Asset and Contract Management System Revolutionize Ways to Manage Maintenance Reserves, Finance, Billing & Accounting Activities

DUBLIN – May 10, 2022 – LeaseWorks® shared with the global audience of Growth Frontiers Dublin 2022, the largest gathering of aviation finance decision-makers since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rollout of major enhancements to its industry-leading aircraft asset and contract management system, Aeris ASSET™.

The leader in cloud-based software products for the aviation leasing industry signaled the introduction of a new lineup of modules and software extensions to revolutionize lessors’ ability to manage a wide array of leasing-related activities. The rollout includes a robust and comprehensive supplemental rent module, completely rethinking, from the ground up, how complex maintenance reserves can be easily tracked with software. In addition, the billing and collections module now further leverages the capabilities of the Salesforce platform and the Leaseworks product architecture to give lessors the flexibility to integrate with a variety of accounting solutions.

Haseem Vazhayil, Chief Executive Office of LeaseWorks, points out that “our team is constantly focused on innovating; building and delivering on the best-in-class software products for managing assets, enabling lessors to efficiently handle maintenance reserve charges, funds and reimbursements while addressing their most pressing challenges.”

With the goal of helping lessors to stay ahead of technological and industry disruptions, the LeaseWorks team has collaborated with current and prospective customers to release critical enhancements in the accounts receivables and payables modules of its Aeris ASSET product. The new robust capabilities are designed to give CFOs and their finance teams the ability to streamline billing, invoicing and collections processes. The changes also provide increased flexibility in integrating with several accounting software packages as well as more flexible maintenance reserves calculation models.

“We are investing heavily to bring to market a simple, ground-breaking solution unlike any other, which empowers companies to tailor and streamline their asset management software directly to meet their needs,” adds Vazhayil. “We are very excited about the new functionalities and the enhanced user experience this best-in-breed product provides.”

“It’s our goal every day to make every aspect of the customer experience a little better. At LeaseWorks, we’re passionate about helping people get things done; that’s our way – the LeaseWorks way,” concluded Vazhayil.

About LeaseWorks

LeaseWorks® provides cloud-based products and services to the aviation leasing community, with solutions for both lessors and airlines. Aeris™ MATCH helps lessors more quickly and effectively deploy their aviation assets with airlines around the globe. Aeris™ ASSET allows both lessors and airlines to manage the intricate details of aviation leases. These are the first two of a suite of products that will constitute a full-life-cycle portal for managing leased aviation assets. www.leaseworks.aero


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