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Analytics Product Provides Critical Support for Lessors in Managing Utilization Data and Compliance Risks

LeaseWorks®, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions and services, announced the signing of BBAM, one of the world’s leading aircraft lessors, with more than $15 billion in aviation assets under management, as its first customer for the recently launched LeaseWorks Utilization Tracker within the Aeris™MATCH software ecosystem.

“We are delighted to expand our long term relationship with BBAM with the roll out of the Utilization Tracker module. Analyzing up-to-date utilization information is central to BBAM’s ongoing ability to effectively manage their growing aircraft portfolio”, says Haseem Vazhayil, CEO at LeaseWorks.

With the advanced analytics platform and the ability to integrate with other LeaseWorks products easily and cost-effectively, the Utilization Tracker facilitates the collection of utilization data for BBAM’s global airline customers and asset groups.

“As a long-time customer, BBAM has been impressed with the functionalities of LeaseWorks new Utilization Tracker product. While there are similar offerings in the marketplace, we have found that this product has the differentiated ability to seamlessly integrate into our existing LeaseWorks platform, delivering operating efficiencies,” explains Vincent Cannon BBAM’s General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer.

The LeaseWorks team also calibrated the Utilization Tracker with BBAM’s fleet data to demonstrate the product’s capacity to identify specific aircraft that were non-compliant. “Given BBAM’s need to automate the monitoring of no-fly zones and alerting around this, we are happy to give their compliance teams new tools to make timely decisions about their fleet’s operations,” adds Vazhayil.

The Utilization Tracker provides monthly hours, cycles, and airport movements data for the globalfleet, enabling analytics across any lessor’s portfolio, airline’s fleet, or individually about any aircraft in the world. Lessors can leverage the powerful capabilities of this product with critical insights into their own fleets and portfolios, including:

Mitigating Compliance Risks:
Up-to-date data on aircraft movements enables lessors to track and ensure compliance. By avoiding prohibited jurisdictions or regions, lessors mitigate the risk of regulatory mishaps.

Up-to-date Monitoring and Mobility:
The Utilization Tracker provides lessors with up-to-date utilization data, which is accessible through an intuitive platform and mobile app, allowing users to monitor their fleet, access analytics, and make informed decisions on the go.

Tailored Marketing Strategies:
Understanding the fleet’s usage and utilization patterns is key to successful marketing efforts. The Utilization Tracker enables leasing professionals to tailor marketing strategies to specific airlines based on their utilization needs, maximizing the chances of successful partnerships.

Proactive Maintenance Planning:
Identifying underreported aircraft utilization is essential for maintenance planning. The Utilization Tracker helps lessors pinpoint potential underreporting by the airlines, ensuring accurate estimation of maintenance needs, end-of-lease adjustments, and maintenance reserves. This proactive approach optimizes operational efficiency and minimizes unexpected costs.

About BBAM

BBAM is one of the world’s largest and longest standing aircraft lessors providing over 100 airline customers in more than 50 countries with fleet and financing solutions, and the only significant manager in its sector focused exclusively on generating investment returns on third party capital. With more than 450 aircraft under management, BBAM employs over 140 professionals globally with offices in Dallas, San Francisco, Puerto Rico, Tokyo, Singapore, Zurich, and Dublin. BBAM is a full-service lessor and maintains its own in-house capabilities encompassing aircraft origination, disposition, lease marketing, technical maintenance, regulatory compliance, capital markets activity, tax structuring, legal, contracts and finance, for all asset types and strategies. www.bbam.com

About LeaseWorks

LeaseWorks® provides cloud-based products and services to the aviation leasing community, with solutions for both lessors and airlines. Aeris™ MATCH helps lessors more quickly and effectively deploy their aviation assets with airlines around the globe. Aeris™ ASSET allows both lessors and airlines to manage the intricate details of aviation leases. These are the first two of a suite of products that will constitute a full-life-cycle portal for managing leased aviation assets. www.leaseworks.aero


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