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Companies Further Advance Mutual Vision to Empower Aviation Industry’s Transition to Digital World

STAMFORD, Connecticut – June 8, 2022 – LeaseWorks Inc., the leader in cloud-based software products and Core Financial Systems (“Core”), the leading SaaS aircraft leasing financial software solutions provider shall begin collaboration to deliver an integrated solution experience for clients in the aircraft leasing industry.

The collaboration intends to deliver an integrated accounting experience for lessors’ finance and accounting teams, enabling them to generate financial transactions in LeaseWorks and seamlessly export these transactions to Core – resulting in a more agile and aligned organization that is better equipped to respond to the changing financial needs of an aircraft leasing platform.

“We are excited to collaborate with Core to provide the necessary tools to enable lessors to gain more value from their software investments and facilitate their coordination and growth,” said Haseem Vazhayil, Chief Executive Officer at LeaseWorks.

Tony Salmon, Managing Director at Core, said, “Through this collaboration, our smart SaaS based financial solutions are constantly adapting to the needs of their users. This optimizes their operation and creates economic and operational benefits. The basis for this is the seamless connectivity of data, a “Core strength of the Core Solution”. As part of our Group strategy led by our Group CEO Pat Toner, we are working on collaborative opportunities with a suite of comprehensive solutions in the market to further develop and use the technologies in practice”.

LeaseWorks and Core will seamlessly integrate the two market-leading products:

  • LeaseWorks’ Aeris ASSET™ suite of products providing a flexible platform to centralize and streamline asset management across technical, contract and finance operations. Its finance module is built purposely to facilitate financial transactions around accounts receivables, payables, loan management and settlements, combined with robust executive reporting capabilities; and
  • Core’s suite of products enables finance organizations to manage multitude of accounting operations and workflows. Its general ledger stores books and records and captures journal entries specific to aircraft leasing operations.

The integration will allow customers to set up their chart of accounts, entities, dimensions, accounting periods, book codes and bank accounts. Customers will also be able to map the system’s aviation sub-ledger onto the Core general ledger to facilitate the generation of debits and credits into Core, based on financial events entered in LeaseWorks. Accounting profiles configured by a customer’s chart of accounts can be set up and linked to a specific lease for accounting configuration on a lease-by-lease basis.

“Building on our mutual vision to empower the aviation industry’s transition into the digital world, the LeaseWorks and Core teams are thrilled to be able to combine our well-respected expertise and knowledge of accounting operations to help lessors focus on improving their decision-making and increasing their platforms’ agility in unprecedented times,” concluded Vazhayil.

About Core Financial Systems – A Tekunh Group Company

Core Financial Systems®, is the leading SaaS aviation financial software solutions provider of choice. As an Infor Channel Partner, Core has earned a reputation of leading technology advancement in both the development & deployment of World Class cloud based financial business solutions globally across multiple market industries including aviation, banking, fund management, asset management and government sectors.

We assist organizations to harness their business information and processes. Through this they can remove complexity, improve compliance, reduce costs and increase their competitive advantage. Our company has more than 20 years of experience in implementing Financial Management, Purchasing & Procurement and Business Intelligence Solutions into international organizations. For further information please visit our website at www.corefinancial.ie

About LeaseWorks

LeaseWorks® provides cloud-based products and services to the aviation leasing community, with solutions for both lessors and airlines. Aeris™ MATCH helps lessors more quickly and effectively deploy their aviation assets with airlines around the globe. Aeris™ ASSET allows both lessors and airlines to manage the intricate details of aviation leases. These are the first two of a suite of products that will constitute a full-life-cycle portal for managing leased aviation assets. www.leaseworks.aero


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