Transforming customer service through a digital experience

Digitization has brought new ways for lessors to engage customers and serve their demanding information needs 24×7. User self-service experiences in the e-commerce world have set high customer expectations of being able to have the same information transparency while doing business.

In response, lessors are reinventing themselves with digital transformation projects to serve their customers better and become operationally more efficient. FTAI Aviation (“FTAI”) has always been at the forefront in its approach to serve the time-sensitive and information needs of their customers.

This case study highlights how FTAI Aviation enhances customer service by leveraging a digital platform. The technology has enabled them to serve the ever-increasing real-time information needs of their airline customers. The firm’s recent entry into new aviation-related businesses also opens up the ability to upsell and cross sell more efficiently, using technology. This helps sales teams focus on closing deals, instead of constantly chasing the information demands of their customers.

The Need

FTAI Aviation wanted to differentiate itself in a very competitive industry by setting up a technology centric platform that their customers could use to access time sensitive information at any time. This would help their lessees plan their fleet with real-time information about FTAI’s growing fleet or other operational information. The approach to fleet planning, especially around engines, has significantly changed with COVID. Airlines are less focused on leasing new airplanes and more on finding engines that would help them defer very expensive shop visits. In a post-COVID world, airlines are going to continue to find new ways of conserving cash, given high levels of debt they have taken on during the pandemic. FTAI realised the importance of helping customers with access to time-sensitive data and provide a way for airlines to get information in real time.

“We were looking to provide unparalleled convenience and efficiency to our customer base. We found that in the LeaseWorks portal.”

David Moreno, COO, FTAI Aviation

FTAI Aviation:

  • $1.8 billion in assets
  • 42 countries
  • 70 operators
  • 199 engines
  • 80 aircraft

(Data as of March 31st 2021)

“We can now let airlines find information on their terms… what they need, whenever they need it.

David Moreno, COO, FTAI Aviation

The Solution

In order to meet this requirement and serve customers spread across the globe, the digital platform had to be scalable, easy to use and convenient to FTAI’s customers.

FTAI collaborated with LeaseWorks to implement the LeaseWorks Portal solution, enabling customers to:

  • Search for real-time asset inventory to streamline fleet planning
  • File utilization electronically to cut down invoice turnaround times
  • Centralize invoice aging to bring transparency around payment delays
  • View individual asset profiles including shop visit information and MR fund allocations to customers.

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About FTAI Aviation:

Founded in 2011, Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC (NYSE: FTAI) is publicly traded company, that owns and acquires high-quality jet engines and commercial aircraft. FTAI Aviation excels at structuring bespoke leases that meet operational and economic requirements. Offices in New York, Miami, London, Dublin and Dubai.

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LeaseWorks provides cloud-based software tools that help customers save costs, reduce risk and optimize revenue. LeaseWorks is dedicated to helping lessors and airlines make critical decisions about their assets, with real-time information from any device.

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