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Roman Madebeikin

Roman Madebeikin is a product manager for the LeaseWorks Aeris Asset product with an aviation technical and continuing airworthiness background. He focuses on the technical and contracts asset management aspects of the tool. He can be reached at [email protected].

LeaseWorks’ Tech Projects delivers streamlined processes, significant cost savings and robust analytics

What’s the most effective way to manage technical projects such as deliveries, redeliveries and purchase inspections? Nope – it’s not picking up the phone trying to find the person that happens to know what that latest status is. It’s not shuffling through paperwork or spreadsheets, either. It’s time to set aside manual, time intensive project management activities and adopt the right tool to streamline your operations.

That’s what this post is all about.

Imagine a world where technical project tasks, status and interactions can be managed seamlessly online with all the information you need at your fingertips; that’s the power of the LeaseWorks Technical Projects (“Tech Projects”) solution which enables you to capture critical project information including project dates, project status, related assets and related leases.

Project Checklists

Consider a pre-purchase aircraft evaluation. Purchasing an aircraft is a complex process and so is the evaluation of the general condition of the aircraft under consideration. The purchase process can be high pressure and quick paced; any errors in the process can be costly with possible regulatory and insurance implications. It is critical to maintain complete and accurate checklists for all project types to facilitate thorough and systematic progression through a project.

Project Tasks

Effectively managing tasks associated with a technical project is central to managing the overall project both in terms of scope, budget and time. Tracking tasks associated with checklist items and tracking ad-hoc tasks is important along with the ability to manage task due dates, task owners, task risk assessment and any issues associated with tasks.

Engineering modifications and Shop visits

A pre-purchase aircraft inspection may uncover necessary engineering modifications related to regulatory compliance, documentation discrepancies and customer compliance. Alternatively, a technical project involving a shop visit may require tracking of specific shop visit items including airworthiness directives, service bulletins and open item lists.

Project Budget

A successful technical project needs to be completed on time and within budget. An effective technical projects management tool allows for the creation of a budget at a project level and at a detailed line level. Line level budget items may include budgeting for consultants, regulatory costs, maintenance and technical documentation.

Project Team

Assembling your project team, defining project team member roles (e.g. project manager, technical consultant, technical manager, marketing manager), managing team workload and capturing team member contact information is vital for specifying project roles and responsibilities and facilitating effective project communication. In addition, the ability to log the history of email, phone call, virtual and in person interactions between your team members and third parties provides a valuable history of project activities.

Project Dashboard

Monitor projects using a user friendly dashboard where projects are color coded based on the state of the project – on track, at risk or delayed. The dashboard provides key information to project stakeholders to expedite the decision making process and assist with remediating project delays and mitigating project risks.

The LeaseWorks Way

At LeaseWorks we are obsessed with building software to solve customer problems. The LeaseWorks Technical Projects solution has been developed by our team of industry experts to give you the edge to stand out from your competitors.