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Diane Heron

Customer Success Manager

In the aircraft leasing industry, invoicing multiple airlines can be a complex and time-consuming task. With the need to keep track of different billing cycles and dates that the lessee has to receive the invoice, it can be difficult to ensure that invoices are processed in a timely and efficient manner. That’s why LW has developed a Bulk Invoicing solution that centralizes the entire invoicing process, from end to end.

At LeaseWorks, one of our big goals  is to help our customers maximize their efficiency so they can scale while keeping headcount lean. Our Bulk Invoicing solution is designed to do just that. By using search filters, users can easily find all the records that need to be processed. This eliminates the need to scroll through reports and toggle back and forth to ensure that all invoices are being handled on time.

From the Bulk Invoicing screen, users can tackle all the steps in one place. With just a few clicks, users can create, review, approve and email invoices. The Bulk Invoicing solution also enables users to generate PDFs on the fly, click an icon to see the document and attach the PDF files to outgoing emails. This streamlined invoicing process eliminates the need to switch between different screens and systems, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

In summary, LeaseWorks’ Bulk Invoicing module is a true end-to-end billing solution. By centralizing the entire invoicing process, from fetching records to generating PDFs and emailing invoices, LeaseWorks is able to help Lessors  streamline their billing operations and improve their efficiency. With this solution, companies can scale while keeping headcount lean, ensuring that they can meet the needs of their customers while maintaining profitability.