Stay in the know with LeaseWorks’ News Feed Service

It is essential for both lessors and lessees to stay in the know about matters related to those operating their aircraft. Tracking their news headlines and ongoing developments, such as deliveries, financings, or restructurings, may portend future lease prospects and provide insight into future fleet operations. Staying up to date on such key events is the key to ensuring your team’s readiness to handle any changing situation.


With a plethora of information available through leading trade media, it is often times challenging to filter out news headlines and analyses most relevant to your operations:


LeaseWorks understands the importance of having critical and time-sensitive information at your fingertips. That is why we have partnered up with CAPA and Aviator, two of the world’s most trusted sources of aviation journalism, to bring you our News Feed service.

Worldwide Aviation News – all in one screen

Save time and clicks with News Briefs and Report Summaries

Read abstracts, or even entire articles, without having to leave LeaseWorks. This way, you can take in what’s important and quickly move on to the next news piece. Still curious to know more? The original news source is only one click away!

Filter reports by date

We can’t always keep ourselves updated with the news every day. Sometimes, life gets in the way. Now you’re back and struggling to catch up with all the aviation news you missed while you were away. We’ve got you covered. Simply use our “From Date” and “To Date” filters to fetch all reports from the dates of your choice and you’ll be back up to speed in no time!

Multiple categories and regions to choose from

No matter where your interest in the aviation industry lies – be it the aircraft themselves, the finances, or the businesses involved – we provide a wide range of news categories to choose from.

Get a keener look at aviation events closer to home, be it yours or that of an important client, with regions to choose from around the world.

News by Operator, Lessor, or Counterparty – made easy

Having access to news about every operator is great, but what if there’s only one operator you want to know about? Focus on news reports covering only the operator, lessor, or counterparty of your choice – straight from a tab on their record page.

All this and more await, once you get started using our News Feed service!