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Centralize information about tech projects to streamline company wide communication around milestones, workscopes, budgets and to reduce risk.

Centralized Information Management

  • Streamline company-wide communication around technical project milestones, workscopes and budgets
  • Reduce risk by ensuring all stakeholders have access to the latest project information

Extended Team Collaboration

  • Share technical project status and details with extended teams for streamlined collaboration
  • Manage technical team projects, budgets, dates and milestones in one central place
  • Communicate critical project timelines to other teams to ensure alignment and coordination

Trend Identification and Process Improvement

  • Discover bottlenecks, recurring patterns, or persistent issues by analyzing insights presented in interactive dashboards
  • Take steps to improve processes by applying successful practices to challenged programs

Risk Identification and Remediation Planning

  • Know weeks in advance if an asset delivery is at risk and coordinate remediation plans
  • Drive successful project outcomes by staying coordinated on delays, both internally and with vendors