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Aeris™ ASSET

Streamline cash collection and preserve asset values by digitizing contract, finance and technical management of aircraft. With advanced analytics, spend less time chasing information and more time making decisions.

Manage the Metal

  • Generate spec sheets and disk sheets in different formats
  • Manage airframe, engines, LLPs, APU and landing gears
  • Maintain engine database to drive behavior for large fleets
  • Use nomenclature to support Boeing and Airbus aircraft structural repairs
  • Keep track of ADs and SBs
  • Maintain equipment database and list by ATA Chapter
  • Use templates for technical, delivery and redelivery audits
  • Plan lease return, redelivery and delivery projects using templates
  • Forecast future PRs based on harsh or benign conditions
  • Attach technical documents and photos
  • Search and find info or documents by MSN, ESN or keywords

Manage the Contract

  • Centralize contract management for easy scalability
  • Support for all rent types for invoicing (fixed, floating, PBH etc.)
  • Track Letter of Credit terms and expirations, with reminders
  • Monitor insurance certificate expirations and renewals, with reminders
  • Track end-of-lease options and compensation, with reminders
  • Receive alerts on key milestones, delivered to your inbox
  • Manage redelivery conditions 
  • Upload documents for quick and easy reference

Manage the Cash Flow

Billing & Invoicing

  • Reduce administrative burden with this centralized, end-to-end billing solution
  • Enjoy flexible billing options for rent, MR, interest and other types of invoices
  • Set up bulk auto-billing for rent and MR with a powerful and intuitive interface
  • Allow airlines to enter utilization and receive their own invoices using our portal option
  • Work with IATA-standard billing and invoicing formats (Future)
  • Get reminders on key dates such as when rent or MR invoices must be sent out

Maintenance Reserves

  • Customize maintenance reserves to provide flexibility
  • Set up automatic escalation of reserve rates
  • Reconcile assumed, estimated and actual MRs
  • Use prospective rates with lookbacks
  • Track reserve balances by airframe, engines, LLP, LG and APU
  • Record top-up and lessor obligations
  • Document end-of-lease compensation options
  • Manage shop visit claim processing with historical MR balance lookup by date
  • Implement a portal to allow airlines to enter utilization and access electronic invoices

Manage the Business


  • Customize reports to deliver the insights you need
  • Create and end reports through user-friendly interface
  • Use out-of-the-box reports to quickly find information on portfolios, lease end and extension options, assets with low utilization, rent and MR invoice schedules, customer aging and upcoming maintenance events

Keen Insights into Cash Flows & Valuation

  • Forecast cashflows to help predict the future
  • Run forecasts on aircraft with different assumptions
  • Override parameters such as FH:FC or operating conditions
  • Analyze future shop visit  intervals and impact on MR
  • Incorporate top-ups and lessor contributions
  • Access NPV, IRR and cash multiple calculations
  • Generate IRR sensitivity around different purchase prices
  • Use artificial intelligence to create advanced models (Future)
  • Access automated calculations of maintenance adjusted half-life, full-life and market values