Airborne Capital leverages Leaseworks’ asset software solutions to support its rapidly growing business.

The Need

Prior to implementing Leaseworks, Airborne managed aircraft portfolios using a number of systems. As the company grew, it needed a system that would automate their technical, contract, finance and management functions without putting too much burden on their team. 

Airborne needed to:

  • Centralize and monitor the portfolio asset data to ensure aircraft values were safeguarded.
  • Derive accurate, timely and granular insights into the technical condition of the assets.
  • Manage cash flows to ensure that the appropriate resources were available at the right time for customers.
  • Automate the invoicing process to ensure lease managers stay on top of customer payments and delays.

All the above considered, Airborne required a system that would monitor critical information and enable the lessor’s team to make better decisions in a timely and efficient manner.

Donna Marie O’Neill, Head of Operations at Airborne, scoured the market for an off-the-shelf software solution, which would provide an adaptable framework to accommodate the rapid growth of their business. 

Donna Marie heard about Leaseworks from an industry colleague, who advised her about the advantages and benefits of Leaseworks’ asset management product, Aeris ASSET. Donna Marie realized that the flexibility of the Leaseworks platform, with its cloud and mobile device accessible format and robust dashboards and user friendliness, was exactly what Airborne needed for their expanding platform.

Since Airborne deals with many portfolio investors, who have different needs and requirements, such as managed aircraft and Asset Backed Structures, it was crucial to implement a system that adapted quickly.

While managing customers’ portfolios through Excel spreadsheets was a temporarily workable solution, such manual processes had limitations and eventually would hinder the goal of scaling the platform.

“With LeaseWorks, we now have the ability to automate our invoicing and generate on-demand management reports without manual processes.”

Donna Marie O’Neill, Manager Operations, Airborne Capital

Airborne Fact File:

  • Approx $2.2 billion in managed assets
  • 58 aircraft
  • Customer network of 27 trusted airlines and lessors in 17 countries
  • 31 employees

LeaseWorks’ Aeris ASSET:

  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Asset and Contracts Management
  • Utilization Studio
  • Rent And Maintenance Reserve Invoicing
  • Customer Account Management

The Solution

“The implementation process started by communicating the importance of standardizing processes around data entry,” explained Archana Sukumar, the Leaseworks Customer Success Manager who was assigned to assist the lessor.

Sukumar and her team meticulously gathered and documented Airborne’s processes and adapted the system’s configuration to meet Airborne’s business requirements.

Leaseworks’ Aeris ASSET product enabled Airborne to:

  • Better manage their asset and lease data
  • Automate reporting
  • Ensure that all operational transactions like rent and maintenance reserve collection and claims were always timely and accurate
  • Improve their Portfolio Management by replacing spreadsheets and manual processes.

Tapping into the flexibility of the Leaseworks platform, Airborne streamlined their business processes by implementing an approval process within the system and setting up important notifications.

“The implementation process was efficient and the Leaseworks team’s assistance was best-in-class,” commented Donna Marie O’Neill. “We now have the ability to automate our invoicing and generate on-demand management reports without manual processes.”

“We are continuing to strengthen our partnership with Airborne through ongoing collaboration and further adaptation of our various products and solutions to meet their rapidly changing needs as the platform grows.”

Haseem Vazhayil, CEO, LeaseWorks

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Airborne Capital is an Irish based specialist in aircraft leasing and asset management established in 2017.

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